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“NO question the Life Span is Dramatically Improved…”

Post Protector post sleeve for laminated postPost Protector post sleeve for glue lamPost Protector post sleeve for glu lam post

Schuylkill County, PA: Pro, Zack Zawada, President of Zawada Enterprises, Tamaqua, PA, shared these pics as construction begins on a 55′ x 72′ x 12′ produce market w / 20′ x 20′ loading dock.

Sensibly, the 3 ply 2″ x 6″ foundation posts are equipped with Post Protector to separate the wood from ground-contact and the severe decay hazards that lie within.

“Just about every building we erect includes Post Protector. We recommend Post Protector because there’s NO question that the life span of a wood post is dramatically improved when it’s void of soil or concrete contact & our customers get that. But some methods available to accomplish this can give the value driven, post frame consumer ‘sticker shock’ (e.g. continuous foundation, pier & bracket). The Post Protector method, on the other hand, does the job at such an attractive price point that 90% of our customers purchase this #valueadd  #problemsolver option.”

Post Protector isolates the post so that soil-dwelling, decay-causing microorganisms/insects & when in concrete, atmospheric microorganisms, have NO post access.

To contact Zack, http://www.zawadabuildings.com/ or 570-386-3200

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