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Foundation Comparison: The Common Goal, Eliminate Soil-to-Wood Contact

FOUNDATION COMPARISON Post Protector, Pier and Bracket, Continuous


Peoria County, IL: Post Protector customer, J. Ray, wanted a foundation for his 30’x40′, post frame, starter home to be Void of Soil-Contact. So these are the (3) foundation options he received from his builder. Each options’ intent is to eliminate soil-to-wood contact. No need to look at very expensive / complicated methods to accomplish this. Post Protector is obviously the simplest, most affordable, and strongest way to get the job done!

We are all attracted to post frame construction for the simplicity, speed, design flexibility, and, most importantly, the impressive Value.

But there’s one very important component, the direct-burial, post-foundation, that has curiously avoided significant improvement despite the fact that this construction type has grown to become far more sophisticated & improvements made in all other areas.

Post foundation improvement is especially important as a direct soil-to-post foundation was never the best scenario & we’ve seen the chemical preservatives become more environmentally friendly but decay-fighting performance has suffered.

Post Protector provides simple, slide-on “barrier” protection to exclude soil-to-post contact & by isolating the post, decay-fungi & insects have no access. Moreover, chemical preservatives are confined to the post.

Lastly, it’s foundation/investment protection post frame consumers want at a justifiable price point!

With Post Protector… Exclude Soil-to-Post Contact… Preserve ‘Post Frame’ Simplicity, Speed, & Value!

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