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Post Protector… “as Practical, Affordable, & Sensible as my Model Ts”

Post Protector Laminated Post Pole Barn for Model Ts IIPost Protector Laminated Post Protection Pole BarnPost Protector Laminated Post Rot Protection Pole BarnPost Protector Laminated Post Decay Protection Pole Barn

BW of Eastern PA: “Conceived by Henry Ford as practical, affordable, transportation for the common man, the Model T quickly became prized for its low cost, sensibility, and ease of maintenance.”

BW called & was investigating the use of ‘post frame’ for a new building to store his 1914 & ’21 Model T Touring cars.

During our conversation, I strongly suggested the use of the ‘post-frame’ method and likened it to the Model Ts he was so passionate about.

A week later, BW called:

“Like the Model T, pole barns are ‘smart’ in every way EXCEPT for the wood foundation in soil contact. I’ve chosen ‘post frame’ because of your foundation protection products. Skirt-Board & Post Protector deliver a ‘high performance’ foundation & do it in a way that shares some of the very same attributes that made both the Model T & Pole Barn so attractive; Practicality, Affordability, & Sensibility. Not sure why you’d build without them.”


BW certainly loves practicality, affordability, & sensibility but as mentioned, he appreciates ‘high performance,’ too!

The Model T stablemates… (2) BMW M cars, a Z3 & E46!


Post Protector: Lose the ground-contact…. Gain 250%+ in longevity performance!

ANY post foundation project!

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