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“Post Protector exemplifies our commitment to quality… “

Post Protector post sleeve for a laminated postPost Protector post sleeves for laminated postsPost Protector post sleeve for 3 ply laminated post

Eagle Lake, AB, Canada: The post frame experts & fine folks at Remuda Building were kind enough to share these gorgeous pics of a recently completed project.

This beautiful, L-shaped, 48’x72’/48’x42’x18′, built on an equally beautiful lakeside property, oozes ‘quality’ throughout… and we all know ‘quality’ starts at the foundation!

That said & no surprise, this foundation consists of 4 ply 2″ x 8″ pressure treated posts and, to extinguish decay hazards, the prudent addition of Post Protector!

“Remuda Building… Above and Beyond Ordinary. This is more than just some corporate tagline. It represents our responsibility to provide the highest level of quality & service to every customer. Post Protector exemplifies our commitment to quality & shows the customer that we take the extra step to protect their investment. In addition, this obvious foundation improvement is easy to install and has an underwhelming effect on overall project cost.”

Post Protector isolates the post so that soil-dwelling, decay-causing microorganisms, atmospheric microorganisms (that attack concrete encased posts at the grade line) and destructive subterranean insects have NO post access.

Enjoy the Speed, Simplicity, Affordability, & Strength of a traditional, direct-burial, post foundation without longevity concerns.


Pole Barns, Decks, Fences, Pergolas or any post-foundation project!

www.postprotector.com *** 877-WON’T-ROT (966-8768)

www.remudabuilding.com *** 403-651-4304