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Post Protector… “It’s All You Need!”

Post Sleeve for 6x6 pole barn postPost Sleeve for 6x6 pole building postPost Sleeves for 6x6 pole barn postsPost Sleeves for 6x6 pole building postsPost Sleeve for 6x6 post frame building

Geauga County, OH: Alicia M. founded ‘The Draft Horse Project,’ an equine assisted therapy program. They recently relocated and needed to add a pair of run-in sheds.

This was certainly not Alicia’s ‘first rodeo’ and she was adamant the 16′ x 24′ x 9′ sheds be strong enough to handle the close to 2000 lb. horses and, having had past experience with post failure, that they last. For strength, knowing exactly what to do, she insisted the 6″ x 6″ posts’ spacing be reduced to 4′ / 6′ centers. For longevity, after a tip from her builder, she insisted the 6″ x 6″ posts be wrapped in Post Protectors!

“When discussing the project with my builder, I voiced my post longevity concerns. He turned, walked to his truck and came back with a Post Protector. As he started to explain, I instantly understood & had to have them! The post goes in the ground WITHOUT ground-contact & the risk of decay it brings! My builder added, “Post Protector is a simple, affordable product that packs BIG benefits. It’s all you need.”

“Our rescue, draft horses help children, adults, veterans, & special needs, heal & grow.” *** alicia@thedrafthorseproject.org or 330-998-4539

It’s simple. Lose Ground-Contact… MAXIMIZE Post Life!!

“It’s all you need.”

877- WON’T- ROT (966-8768) *** www.postprotector.com