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Post Protector… LOSE the ‘Ground Contact!’

Post Protector 6x6 with no ground contactPost Protector deck postsPost Protector deck post decay protection

LOSE the Ground Contact?

Don’t take my word for it… here’s what chemical preservative manufacturers have to say:

“Barrier protection will substantially increase the lifespan of any post by protecting it from soil fungi & insect attack far more effectively than a preservative treatment alone can achieve.”

“Barrier protection prevents the invasion of wood-destroying soil fungi and termites.”

The GROUND CONTACT decay hazard is severe because,

#1. SOIL retains moisture for long periods of time

#2. This creates conditions favorable for the plethora of SOIL-INHABITING, WOOD-ROTTING Microorganisms

#3. SOIL also harbors aggressive preservative depletion organisms.” ACS Technical Symposium

Post Protector provides a physical “barrier” separating the post from Soil and all the Decay Hazards that lie within.

That said & no surprise, a recent scientific study shows that ‘barrier’ protection increases post longevity performance by 250%+.

Pro Pics by FSBD serving Delaware and Delaware & Chester Co, PA http://www.fsbd.co/ or call Joe Oakes, 302-898-5183 / 302-803-5082 Post

Protector…. the perfect complement to a pressure treated post!

Decks, Pergolas, Pole Barns, Fences or any post-foundation project!


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