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A Post Frame Home Foundation without Longevity Concerns!

Post Protector 1Post Protector 2Post Protector 3Post Protector 4Post Protector 5 Delia, AB, Canada: The post frame experts & fine folks at Remuda Building were kind enough to, again, share pics of this recently started project. This job consists of two buildings... a 1,752 sq. ft., 2 BR, 2 Bath, post frame home and a 24' x 42' post frame garage/shop. Remuda Building believes 'quality' is a 'responsibility' so to be sure their customers have NO longevity concerns or future foundation issues, these 3 ply 2x8s are prudently outfitted with Post Protector to isolate the post, neutralizing decay hazards. Complementing chemical preservatives, Post Protector isolates the post so that decay-causing, soil-dwelling microorganisms/insects & when in concrete, atmospheric microorganisms have NO post access. No need to spend a BUNCH of time & money on a 'continuous foundation' or 'pier & bracket' to eliminate soil/concrete-to-post contact when Post Protector does the same with extraordinary simplicity & affordability. Enjoy the Speed, Simplicity, Affordability, & Strength of a traditional, direct-burial, post foundation without longevity concerns. Pole Barns, Decks, Fences, Pergolas or any post-foundation project! Call today! www.postprotector.com *** 877-WON'T-ROT (966-8768) Remuda Building... Above and Beyond Ordinary. www.remudabuilding.com *** 403-651-4304