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Another Victory for Post Frame Construction

My name is Jay Johnson, President of Building Concepts of Indiana, and a Borkholder Building dealer.

Recently, I was asked to provide a proposal for an addition to the North View Church in Columbus, Indiana. The existing structure was built with stud walls on a continuous foundation.

During the preliminary discussions with Pastor Randy Burton, it was noted that the officials from the Assemblies of God’s finance group had ruled out Post Frame construction, as they did not have confidence in the longevity of a post foundation.

This was a hurdle facing me as I prepared for my meeting at the church that included representatives of the church leadership.

I prepared two proposals for the meeting, one was for a steel-frame structure, and the other was for a Post Frame structure.

When I walked into the meeting I carried a Post Protector with me. Confidently knowing that this was the tool I needed to extinguish their only objection to our beloved Post Frame construction method, post life. I explained that the Post Protector would allow me to put the post in the ground without the fear of soil-to-post contact.

Everyone in the room seemed to look at the Post Frame building addition with a different prospective. Our conversation also covered all the benefits of Post Frame construction including the ability to install high R-value fiberglass insulation systems. But, the whelming benefit discussed by the church officials was that adding Post Protectors to the wood columns changed the groups concerns about using treated wood columns.

Adding Post Protectors addressed the concerns of the church officials who approved the new sanctuary project to be built as a Post Frame structure!

The Post Frame Market Initiative (PFMI) is a great educational campaign with its goal to grow Post Frame construction’s market share.

Post Protector is clearly “frontline” support in the crusade to grow market share by addressing arguably the most common concern of Post Frame “non-believers,” post life.

Post Protector simply makes more people, more comfortable with Post Frame so in turn, they are more likely to utilize Post Frame construction.

And as for the Post Frame “believers,” Post Protector simply adds a contemporary “improvement” to the time-honored Post Frame construction technique.