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About Us

Our Story/Our Mission

In 1997, I was working as project manager at a single-family home subdivision when a local “Post Frame”, “Pole Building”, or “Pole Barn” construction company offered me a job. I had always admired these buildings for their speed of build, design flexibility, simplicity, strength, and of course, value.

I accepted the position and began designing, selling, and project managing Post Frame construction projects. On site at one of my first Post Frame projects, I was standing with my customer while the crew was setting & backfilling the pressure treated posts. Mr. Customer asks with concern in his voice, “Ken, is that all you do – put the soil back in the hole around the posts?

I know that they’re pressure treated posts but isn’t there something else we could do to ensure that the posts won’t rot? How long do these posts really last, anyway?”

I was not more than 3 months into the Post Frame Industry, when the light bulb went on. Building single-family homes, I had a million; it seemed, issues and details to review with the new homeowners. But I was never asked the question, “How long will the foundation of my home last?” In essence, that’s what Mr. Customer was asking. I realized that the useful life of treated wooden posts in the ground was a serious concern of Post Frame consumers. I believed that a “post protection” option would be a “better” way. It would not only extinguish the post longevity concerns of current Post Frame consumers, but it would also make other consumers more comfortable with the “post in the ground” construction method. Post Protector was born!

Pressure treated posts are the “foundation” of a pole building and nucleus of the framework. Chemical treatment offers in ground wood post protection, though many variables exist that may negatively affect individual wood post longevity. As a result, post-to-post performance varies dramatically. Post Protector is a simple way to eliminate these variables. Post Protector represents a sensible “belt and suspenders” mentality.

Post Protector was born in the Post Frame construction industry but has many applications. Those investing in a deck, pergola, sunroom, or any other “post in the ground” project have similar post longevity concerns making Post Protector a perfect complement.

Our Mission is simple:

1. Proudly offer a simple, logical and effective way to improve the performance of any “post in the ground” construction project.

2. Deliver unmatched customer support and service which EVERY customer DESERVES! As you navigate through my website, I hope you find it easy to use and informative. I welcome you to contact me with any questions. I am sincerely honored that you are considering Post Protector for your building project. Moreover, I know from experience, those that build with Post Protector are glad they did.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” ~Ben Franklin – 1736