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  • Another Victory for Post Frame Construction



  • “At Remuda Building we are constantly looking for ways to build a stronger, longer lasting building.  After considerable research we began using the Grade Guard product from Post Protector as a standard on all our buildings.  We believe this is the best way to ensure that our posts are never compromised by decomposition.  The Grade Guard takes away the soil to wood contact for the critical area of the post.  This is something that anyone in the agriculture industry has seen firsthand.  I have had many positive comments from farmers and land owners on this simple but effective approach.  They have seen many fence posts rot away over the years, and always in the first foot of soil contact.  We believe the Grade Guard allows us to construct a better building and gives our customers another reason to choose us over the competition.”
    ~Remuda Building, Calgary, AB, Canada
    Peter Vanderzwaag, (
    403) 651-4304

  • “At VA Carolina Buildings, our goal is not to meet expectations – our goal is to exceed expectations!
    Based on that philosophy, we use both “Post Protector” and “Skirt-Board Protector” on our buildings.
    With these products, our buildings are clearly the best they can be and we believe that is what our customers deserve!”
    ~VA Carolina Buildings – Crewe, VA & Raleigh, NC
  • “Our company has been involved in constructing post-frame buildings for two decades. We have a strong commitment to our customers, based on honesty and reliability. The products we select, along with attention to detail, allow us to deliver quality buildings to our customers. This starts from the ground up. We have been incorporating Post Protectors in our building specifications for many years. The reason is simple – we believe it is important to isolate the posts, keeping them dry and free from insects / fungi that cause decay. By using Post Protectors, we believe that we are better serving our customers and  providing them with the assurance of a long lasting building.”
    ~Building Concepts of Indiana, Inc., Columbus, IN
    Jay R. Johnson, President, (812) 379 – 1771

  • “I have personally used Post Protector on a project at my home. I highly recommend them to anyone building a wood post foundation project to insure long-term durability. I have worked for Home Depot for many years in Pro Sales and welcome the fact that our online store, www.homedepot.com, now features your product! Thank you.”
    ~Doug Olson
    Home Depot #2845 Minneapolis, MN
  • “To anybody considering purchasing from Post Protector,
    I would like to highly recommend this company (and it takes a lot for me to write a review since I expect good quality & service). However, my experiences dealing with Post Protector have been excellent. In fact, the company is head & shoulders above any other online company that I have ever dealt with. I have ordered post protectors twice (for a pole barn and later, an addition to that barn). My second order had a small issue (because of the shipper) that was promptly resolved. I called Ken and he resolved it that same day. So not only is the product quality excellent but if any issue does arise, you will be taken care of – no questions asked!I have some other projects coming up that I will need post protectors for. I will definitely order again.”
    ~Mike C.
    Mt. Holly, NC
  • “We build high quality, custom decks, pergolas, trellises, etc. With longevity in mind, the majority of the building material we use is pvc or other “non wood” products. Adding Post Protector, we can finally be confident that our wood post foundations are as cutting edge as the rest of the structure!”
    ~Decks & Design by Dan
    Kansas City, KS · 913-371-1710

  • “I’ve been using Post Protector for years and here’s why. The foundation is arguably the most important part of your building. Post Protector is simple to use, affordable, and provides the highest quality, longest lasting post frame foundation available. My customers trust me to erect their buildings and I believe they deserve the best that I can deliver!”
    ~Bill Petty
    Distinctive Building Systems, LLC Bellefontaine, OH

  • “Post Protector has increased our sales over the past six years! We now have an affordable alternative for the customer that is concerned about the possibility of a treated post rotting over the years. We build many post-frame homes and Post Protector is used on all of them. This has given us a huge advantage over our competition that doesn’t offer this product. Great product, Great people, Great price! I would highly recommend using Post Protector!”
    ~Brian Keane
    National Barn Company, Central Division, Fort Gibson, OK

  • “Here at Delmarva Pole Building Supply, Inc. we are always upgrading product line to provide our customers with the highest quality building available on the market. Post Protector is the type of technology needed to take the Post Frame industry to the next level. We have been quite pleased with its performance as well as the service we have received from Post Protector.”
    ~Joseph D. Kramer Sr., President
    Delmarva Pole Building Supply, Inc., Wyoming, DE
  • “We just recently began working with Ken and stocking post protector. His product knowledge is hard to find in a vendor these days. The product is superior to those we have had in the past. Ken’s enthusiasm for his product shows in the work he puts into helping sell it to the end user.”
    ~Burrow Supply
    Fort Gibson, OK • 800-766-5793

  • “We use Post Protector on ALL of our projects. Post Protector is so logical that we don’t know why anyone would build without them.”
    ~Lee Mallett
    Mallett Inc., Lake Charles, LA
  • “Post Protector is a company that you can trust. It’s a good product in function and appearance. I am also impressed with their outstanding customer service.” –
    ~Nelson Martin
    AB Martin Roofing Supply, Ephrata, PA
  • “Post Protector is an obvious winner by addressing post longevity concerns. But it’s the integral post uplift protection that really makes the system complete.”
    ~Alex Montemayor
    National Barn Company, Eastern Division, Portland, TN
  • “Here at Graber Post Buildings, we only carry products that we believe in. I recently completed a pole building project of my own and I used Post Protectors!”
    ~Omer Graber
    Graber Post Buildings, Montgomery, IN
  • “Post Protector is an innovation that adds consumer confidence and value to post frame buildings.”
    ~Ben Oskarsson
    Marco Industries, Tulsa, OK
  • “Post Protector is an excellent product and they are a great company to do business with.”
    ~Ted Hopkins
    Rhodes Supply, Mayfield, KY – 270-382-2185
  • “Post Protector is a simple product that packs some serious benefits. We believe that Post Protector makes our buildings better!”
    ~Panhandle Lumber and Supply
    Bonifay, FL
  • “Great product! Practical, easy to use, simple field installation and their service is second to none.”
    ~Robert Kramer
    Metal Roofing Solutions, Harrington, DE – 302-786-2511
    A division of Everlast Roofing Inc.
  • “Our customers love Post Protectors! It’s obvious that Post Protector is a simple way to dramatically improve post-frame buildings.”
    ~National Barn Company,
    NE Division, Hanover, PA
  • As a long time user of Post Protectors, I can testify that having used them, and continuing to use them for 95% of my deck projects, their use is a “no brainer”. Read More…
    ~“Joe Decks”
    Northern New Jersey
  • “Looking for the perfect post- frame foundation? That’s easy, Post Protectors on Richland Laminated Columns!”
    ~Elmer Sensenig
    Richland Laminated Columns, Greenwich, OH 419-895-0036
  • “I loved the idea immediately! It is simple to use. I wanted no soil to wood contact throughout my new building. Post Protector was perfect. The service from Post Protector was excellent. Thanks.”
    ~Dave Urchek, Owner
    250 Acre Cattle Farm, Blairsville, PA
  • “Post Protector satisfied my only concern when considering Post Frame construction. – Post Life – My post frame facility with Post Protectors was still far less expensive than the “conventional” construction quotes I received.”
    ~John Modesto, Owner
    Quality Discount Heating Oil, Port Carbon, PA
  • “Great idea!” “I make all my clients aware of Post Protector! I’ve always had concerns with soil conditions and post treatment quality. Post Protector is the answer. Keep up the good work!”
    ~Donald Berg, Architect
    Specializing in Post Frame Design, Rockville Center, NY
  • “I would not have built Post Frame without Post Protectors! I am now confident in my buildings longevity and value! The interior of my shop is finished drywall, however, I left one post exposed to show off the Post Protector. Great Product!”
    ~Mark Yundt, Owner
    Woodworking Studio – Custom Wood Carvings, Bethlehem, PA