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Post Protector – Protecting Profits and Reputations

As a long time user of Post Protectors, I can testify that having used them, and continuing to use them for 95% of my deck projects, their use is a “no brainer”. By using Post Protectors on our support posts, we are able to dig footing holes for a deck, gazebo, or pergola, get an inspection (which in new Jersey can be tough), and move on with concrete and framing, IN THE SAME DAY.

We use pre-designed, and engineer approved concrete footing “pads”. These allow us to return to a job site, drop our concrete pads, install post (with Post Protector, of course), and frame up… all IN THE SAME DAY. This also eliminates the need for cement mixers, or mixing concrete on site, which can easily lead to destruction of lawns, etc… and drain money from the operating budget. The money saved on the concrete alone, will pay for your Post Protectors. Plus, you need to add in the savings realized by the time savings involved with mixing and pouring wet concrete, plus having to return after concrete sets up. Once you add the savings from NOT needing form tubes, and the steel plates usually needed to mount your posts to the top of your concrete, you will soon understand, there is only one way it should be done. Not to mention, the look is much nicer than that ugly concrete sticking up above the surface, which is even more unattractive, if your support post is not PERFECTLY centered on it.

All of the above advantages are not obtained by decreasing quality, or cutting corners. In my opinion, it only increases quality, and increases the lateral strength of our support posts. Once back-fill is placed and tamped back into a footing hole, the post is ready to have a beam for a deck or gazebo structure. For above ground pools, or other free standing decks, or decorative pergola, back-filled with concrete, makes the strongest structure possible, using available code approved techniques.

We also use (standard), 4×4 Post Protectors for all railing support posts at the base step of staircases. By installing the railing support posts into Post Protectors, and back-filled with concrete, you now have a code approved support for your stairs, while also making a super strong railing system on the stairs, that will not loosen up from a few short years of use.

All in All…  Post Protectors equal a Win-Win scenario, for both the builder, and the client.  This is why I am comfortable, giving a lifetime workmanship warranty on all of our deck, gazebo, or pergola projects.

So why do I use them for only 95% of my projects? I am deducting for the projects where steel columns are required, or in the rare case, I run up against an uneducated neanderthal of a building inspector, who refuses to join us in the 21st century. For them, they are doing their taxpaying resident, a serious disservice. As you may be doing, by not offering, suggesting, and using Post Protectors on your projects requiring post supports.

“Joe Decks” owner/ DecksNJ.com Northern New Jersey.

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