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lowes.com helps customer get Post Protector just in time for his fence project!

Plasti Sleeve Post Protector for 4x4 fence post

Riverside County, CA: Engineer, Homeowner, & DIYer, CD, discovered Post Protector while doing an online search & quickly knew he ‘had to have them’ for is upcoming fence replacement project.
But time was of the essence.
It was Thursday & he needed all the materials by Friday for posts to be set Saturday morning.
Soon after giving him ‘where-to-buy’ options, he called to say that he spoke with a lowes.com representative who was able to overnight (12) 4x4x42″ Post Protectors for a Friday delivery.
Confirmation of this came by way of these (3) pics he sent on Saturday!
So to lowes.com… CD, I, and, surely, those (12) fence posts thank you for your outstanding customer service!
Complementing chemical preservatives, Post Protector isolates the post so that decay-causing microorganisms (soil-dwelling/atmospheric) and destructive subterranean insects have NO post access.
* Pro/DIY
* Simple, Slide-On, Field Installation
* Uplift Protection Feature w/Hardware
* Minimize Chemical Leaching
* String-Trimmer Proof
* ‘Removable’ Post Option
* Attractive Appearance
* Affordable
The Speed, Simplicity, Affordability, & Strength of a traditional, direct-burial, post foundation without longevity concerns.
Fence, Deck, Pole Barn, any post-foundation project!