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Pole Barn without Post Decay Concerns and the good news… NO Heroics Needed!

Post Protector Pole Barn without post decayPost Protector Pole Barn without post rotPost Protector Pole Barn post without decayPost Protector Pole Barn posts without decay

The classic ‘Pole Barn’ is well-established as a popular construction method & for good reason.
Simple framing, quick construction, design flexibility, strength, and value.
The pole barn ‘skips’ the conventional foundation for a direct-burial, post-foundation.
Omitting the typical foundation & required site work, translates into a substantial cost advantage.
But to many, there’s a downside.
With the cost-savings comes the known risk of posts, when in direct soil or concrete contact, failing prematurely.
No worries…
Post Protector is the ‘simple’ way to eliminate soil/concrete contact and, at the same time, enjoy the simplicity, speed, strength, & value of a traditional, direct-burial, post foundation!
Complementing chemical preservatives, Post Protector isolates the post so that decay-causing, soil-dwelling microorganisms/insects & when in concrete, atmospheric microorganisms have NO post access.
Utilizing a direct-burial post?
Add Post Protector for longevity improvement your customers will embrace.
Using a more ‘complex’ method?
Switch to Post Protector as a cost savings your customers will embrace.
Post Protector…. the perfect complement to a pressure treated post-foundation!
Pole Barn, Pergola, Deck, Fence or any post-foundation project!
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