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Eliminate Ground Contact… Maximize Post-Foundation Longevity!

Post Protector Post Sleeve on 6x6 deck postPost Protector Post Sleeve on 6x6 deck postsPost Protector Post Sleeve on 6x6 deck foundation postsPost Protector Post Sleeve on 6x6 deck foundation post

DeKalb County, IL: Homeower & experienced DIY guy, JW, was kind enough to send pics of his recently completed deck project.

He purchased his materials from the friendly, knowledgeable folks at Lowe’s #0059 of DeKalb, IL.

With materials on-site & just 3 days away from his Saturday start, JW decided to search lowes.com to see if there was a ‘product out there’ that would rid him of the one concern he just couldn’t shake… in-ground post failure.

“As soon as Post Protector popped up on lowes.com, I was genuinely excited and instantly sold. I placed my order and had delivery to the house on Friday, just in time for the weekend & the start of my project. This product is so simple to use, affordable, and my post longevity concerns…. GONE! I liked the product so much that I delayed setting the last post so that I could take one to Lowe’s store to show them my .com ‘find’ and recommend they get them in their store! Post Protector is such a sensible ‘add’ any time a post goes in the ground!”

Complementing chemical preservatives, Post Protector isolates the post so the decay-causing, soil-dwelling microorganisms/insects & when in concrete, atmospheric microorganisms have NO post access.

A recent scientific study shows that by adding Post Protector’s ‘barrier’ protection, in-ground post longevity performance increases by 250%+!

Perfect for Decks, Fences, Pole Barns, Pergolas, or any post-foundation project!

877-WON’T-ROT (966-8768) *** www.postprotector.com