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Post Protector for Pole Barn Foundations

Post Protector for Pole Barns

There’s good reason why we’re REQUIRED to use posts with MAXIMUM chemical retention for ‘GROUND-CONTACT’ applications.

Decay hazards are highest due to SOIL-DWELLING, WOOD-FEEDING Microorganisms as well as wood-destroying subterranean insects.

Microorganisms are not only abundant in SOIL but in ATMOSPHERE, too!

So don’t think your ‘out of the woods’ with concrete back-fill.

We all know that posts in concrete fail at the grade line and the PP customer’s, with both soil & concrete encased posts, feedback supports that they’re often the first to go!

Even though chemical preservatives deliver solid decay & insect protection, Checks (splits/cracks), Inconsistent Chemical Absorption/Retention, and Chemical Leaching/Migration can pave a way for microorganisms & insects to bypass the preservative protection resulting in post failure.

By simply adding the Post Protector ‘barrier’ system to 4″-6″ above the the grade-line/finished floor & eliminating GROUND CONTACT, the aforementioned conditions that facilitate microorganism & insect attack instantly disappear!

Complementing chemical preservatives, Post Protector isolates the post so that decay-causing microorganisms (soil-dwelling/atmospheric) and destructive subterranean insects have NO post access.


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