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Post Protector: “In-ground post that’s not technically ‘in-ground’…. Brilliant!”

Post Protector 6x6 pole barn post sleevesPost Protector 6x6 pole barn post sleevePost Protector 6x6 pole building post sleevePost Protector 6x6 pole building post sleeves Elgin County, Ontario: Experienced DIYer & British classic car enthusiast, KM, sent pics as his 24' x 40' auto storage facility takes shape. "Everything I do has to be done 'right' & adding Post Protector is the 'right' way to set posts. This ingenious product isolates the in-ground post so it technically 'isn't in the ground' hence, void of all decay hazards. Brilliant! Post Protector takes a sensible approach to decay protection, is affordable, and couldn't be any simpler to install. I can't see why anyone would invest in a barn without this foundation protection."
Post Protector isolates the post so that soil-dwelling, decay-causing microorganisms, atmospheric microorganisms (that attack concrete encased posts at the grade line) and destructive subterranean insects have NO post access. Enjoy the Speed, Simplicity, Affordability, & Strength of a traditional, direct-burial, post foundation without longevity concerns. Post Protector... revolutionizing the post-foundation! And if MAXIMUM post longevity wasn't enough for you, here are some other features & benefits that make this simple product so impressive: * Pro/DIY * Simple Installation * Uplift Protection Feature (Hardware Included) * Minimize Chemical Leaching * String-Trimmer Proof * 'Removable' Post Option * Attractive Appearance * Affordable Pole Barns, Fences, Decks, Pergolas or any post-foundation project! Get the facts! 877-WON'T-ROT (966-8768) www.postprotector.com