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“Post Protector is my ‘go-to’ post-foundation method.”

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Toronto, Ontario: www.homedepot.ca Jason Glasbergen, owner of the J. Dutch Company, a Landscape & Carpentry Contractor, sent pics/description of a recent project.

He specializes in ‘backyard beautification,’ building gazebos, pergolas, & zen gardens, to name a few.

While planing this project with the homeowner’s landscape designer, JG had a thought.

“There must be a product to improve the performance of a direct-burial post foundation. Making it so I don’t have to rely on a 1970’s approach of throwing the post in the ground & hoping for the best or the labor-intensive, pricey ‘on-slab’ or ‘pier & bracket’ methods.

My Google search lead me to Post Protector offered by Home Depot.

This decay protection immediately made sense to me and after using it for the first time on this project, Post Protector is now my ‘go-to’ foundation method for fence, pergola, & gazebo projects. It’s represents the simplest, strongest, & longest lasting post-foundation system.” 

To complement ‘chemical’ protection, Post Protector provides ‘barrier’ protection to isolate the post so that soil-dwelling, decay-causing microorganisms/insects & when in concrete, atmospheric microorganisms attacking at the grade line, have NO post access.

Any post-foundation project!