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Post Protector Post Sleeve for Pergola 4″ x 6″ Post Foundation

Post Protector pergola post sleeve 4x6 postPost Protector Post sleeve 4x6 postPost Protector Post Sleeve installationPost Protector Post Sleeve Features and Benefits

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I have always been a fan of a poolside pergola.

Especially those pergolas that feature a Post Protector foundation.

Recently photographed, this 12 year old, 10′ x 20′ pergola is built on a traditional 4″ x 6″ pt post-foundation with Post Protector.

Why Post Protector?

Enjoy the Speed, Simplicity, Affordability, & Strength of a traditional, direct-burial, post foundation without longevity concerns. Post Protector provides a physical ‘barrier’ separating the post from the soil/atmospheric microorganisms and subterranean insect attack.

That said & no surprise, a recent scientific study shows that ‘barrier’ protection increases post longevity performance by 250%+.

Post Protector…. the perfect complement to a pressure treated post-foundation!

Pergolas, Decks, Pole Barns, Fences or any post-foundation project!


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