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Post Protector / Skirt-Board Protector on a Donald Berg Cold Spring Barn

Donald Berg Cold Spring Barn with Post Protector and Skirt Board ProtectorDonald Berg Cold Spring Barn with Post Protector

Boone County, KY: yet another enthusiastic customer & DIY guy, BD, was kind enough to share pics as his high-style, workshop/man-cave barn build is taking shape.

“I had reluctantly decided on a ‘continuous foundation’ knowing that a ‘wood foundation in ground contact’ creates a legitimate decay threat. When communicating this foundation conundrum to my material supplier, he said “Why not just use Post Protector / Skirt-Board Protector? Post Protector’s foundation protection system will give you the best of both methods. Addressing the decay concern by eliminating all ground contact like the ‘continuous foundation’ while enjoying the simplicity, affordability of the traditional wood foundation.” I was an immediate believer and the decision to utilize these simple products with BIG benefits was an easy one.”

Post Protector…. because EVERYONE knows that wood in ‘Ground-Contact’ is NOT the optimum environment for longevity!

Retain the speed, simplicity, affordability, & strength of a direct burial post foundation without the threat of soil-dwelling microorganism or insect attack.

Pole Barns, Pergolas, Decks, Fences or any post-foundation project!

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