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Why Post Protector? Here’s a good reason!

DECK POST DECAY ProtectionDECK POST DECAY 6 x 6 protectionDECK POST DECAY 1200x944

DECK POST DECAY Barrier Protection Post Protector

Even though chemical preservatives deliver solid decay & insect protection, #1. Checks (splits/cracks) expose non-treated wood, #2. Inconsistent Chemical Absorption/Retention, & #3. Chemical Leaching/Migration, can pave a way for microorganisms/insects to bypass the ‘chemical’ protection resulting in post failure.
To thwart the aforementioned conditions that facilitate microorganism & insect attack & to complement ‘chemical’ protection, Post Protector adds ‘barrier’ protection isolating the post so that decay-causing, soil-dwelling microorganisms/insects & when in concrete, atmospheric microorganisms have NO post access.
It’s simple…
‘Chemical’ protection + ‘Barrier’ protection = MAXIMUM Longevity!
Utilizing a ‘direct-burial’ post?
Add the simple, affordable, Post Protector for longevity improvement your customers will embrace.
Using a more ‘complex’ method?
There’s no heroics needed to eliminate ground-contact.
Just switch to Post Protector as a cost savings your customers will embrace.
Pole Building, Fence, Deck, or any post-foundation project!
Post Protector…. the perfect, & beyond sensible, complement to a pressure treated post-foundation!
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