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Post Protector In-Ground Post Installation

Post Protector In-Ground Post Installation

Post Protector In-Ground Post Installation I

These cross-sections show typical installation detail for ‘outdoor’ post applications such as decks, fences, pergolas, mailbox posts to name a few.

The first image represents our 42″ Post Protector and the second, our 30″ Grade Guard product.

Here’s what chemical preservative manufacturers have to say about adding ‘barrier’ protection to work with their preservative:

“Barrier protection will substantially increase the lifespan of any pole by protecting it from fungal & insect attack far more effectively than a preservative treatment alone can achieve while preventing preservatives from leaching into the environment.”

“Barrier systems prevent the invasion of wood-destroying fungi and termites which typically occurs as the preservative migrates from the wood leaving it vulnerable to attack.”

Here’s what Wood Scientists’ studies show:

#1 Oregon State University 

‘Barrier’ Protectors were placed on both treated and untreated wood in-soil contact.

NO attempt was made to keep water from entering the upper open end of the Protectors.

The ‘barrier’ Protectors effectively prevented any fungal attack, even on the untreated stakes, by acting as an additional layer of protection against soil dwelling fungi.

In comparison, the unprotected stakes showed evidence of attack.”

#2 Dr. Albin Baecker 

“Pole failure can be prevented if soil fungi are excluded from post contact.

Field trials proved that ‘barrier’ protection prevented access of decay fungi to poles.

Preservatives are designed to prevent decay of in-service poles, but treated poles may fail prematurely through insect and fungal attack.

The ‘barrier’ protector is a biotechnological device that prevents insect and fungal attack, while simultaneously acting as an environmental barrier, which confines the preservative to the pole.”

Post Protectors are available in popular solid and laminated post sizes.

Also, commonly used for pole barn post protection as well.

Post Protector is available for on-line purchase through Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon.

Please feel free to call to discuss your project and specific Post Protector / Grade Guard installation recommendations.

877-WON’T ROT (966-8768)