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Post Protector at Lowe’s: “…take post longevity to the next level!” #gamechanger

Post Protector at LOWES game changerPost Protector post sleeve at LowesPost Protector 4x4 post sleeve at LowesPost Protector 4x4 post sleeve sold at LowesPost Protector 4x4 post sleeves available at Lowes

Oshkosh, WI: #2308Lowes  #attnPSEs  #instorelumbersales Standout PSE (Project Specialist Exterior), Chris Trudell, says his customers embrace the Post Protector decay protection.

“Post Protector is the perfect example of a #valueadd option.

Simply, it has the features for which the buyer is prepared to pay extra… and the reason for that is obvious.

Customers understand that posts fail and, until now, have ‘excepted’ that for lack of a ‘better way.’

Post Protector is that #betterway & clearly a #problemsolver  #gamechanger.

Homeowners are immediately receptive, & some genuinely excited, that this #simplesolution finally exists.

Look, everyone in this industry has replaced posts that have fallen victim to decay.

We know it happens and the area of the post effected.

Whether in soil or concrete back-fill, soil-dwelling or atmospheric microorganisms attack the post from the grade line, to about 12 inches, or so, in the ground.

Complementing ‘chemical’ protection, Post Protector adds ‘physical’ protection to block microorganisms’ post access.

My customers rely on my guidance to deliver both project quality & efficiency.

When it comes to a fence or any post-foundation project, Post Protector is a #nobrainer!

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