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  • Another Victory for Post Frame Construction

Post Protector: Post Sleeves for Fence Posts. Providing Protection from Decay, Insects, and String Trimmers!

4x4 fence post sleeve4x4 fence post decay protection4x4 post rot protection

Marshall County, AL: Obviously enthusiastic customer & homeowner, KP, took the time to share these pics as his 320′, (40) 4×4 post, Pro installed fence project is under way.

“We know that when putting wood in the ground you run the risk of decay & insect infestation. Also, wood posts don’t do well with weekly string-trimming. So, in an effort to protect our investment, I did some research and found the perfect solution, Post Protector. This simple, affordable product satisfied all of our concerns and my wife also appreciated their attractive appearance. My builder said he had recently heard of Post Protector but had yet to use them…. now that he has, he likes them as much as we do! Great product!

Post Protector…. because EVERYONE knows that wood in ‘Ground-Contact’ is NOT the optimum environment for longevity!

Retain the speed, simplicity, affordability, & strength of a direct burial post foundation without the threat of soil-dwelling microorganism or insect attack.

Decks, Pergolas, Pole Barns, Fences or any post-foundation project!


877-WON’T-ROT (966-8768) **** www.postprotector.com