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Post Protector for Decks, Pergolas, or any Post-Foundation Project

6x6 Deck Posts with Post Protector First State6x6 Deck Posts with Post Protector First State II6x6 Deck Posts with Post Protector First State I6x6 Deck Posts with Post Protector6x6 Deck Posts with Post Protector IPost Protector In-Ground Post Installation

Newark, DE: Pro Pics – First State Building & Design (FSBD) specializes in high quality, custom decks, pergolas, pool houses, outdoor kitchens, & all that is backyard beautification.

Post Protector is featured on all their post-foundations, providing a physical “barrier” separating the post from Soil and all the Decay Hazards that lie within.

“We made the switch from ‘pier & bracket’ 3 years ago and believe it to be a smarter approach for us & our customers. The ‘pier & bracket’ is a foundation method used to eliminate soil-to-post contact. The Post Protector foundation method completes that same task with a cost savings of $250 per post! In addition, we like the level of structural integrity achieved with our posts embedded 3 feet in the ground. When setting posts, many of our customers have commented that Post Protector is a “clever” or “innovative” product and we see how it quickly satisfies their post longevity concerns. Great product with great customer service.”

FSBD serves Delaware and Delaware & Chester Co, PA http://www.fsbd.co/ or call Joe Oakes, 302-898-5183 / 302-803-5082

Post Protector… the perfect complement to a pressure treated post!

Decks, Pergolas, Fences, Pole Barns, or any post-foundation project!


877-WON’T-ROT (966-8768) *** www.postprotector.com