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Post Protector, the perfect complement to an in-ground post.

Improve GROUND CONTACT post decay resistenceImprove GROUND CONTACT post decay resistence IIPole Barn with Post Protector and Skirt-Bord ProtectorPost Protector In-Ground Post Installation


Because the decay hazards are severe, wood in GROUND CONTACT requires MAXIMUM chemical preservative retention.

That said, it probably makes good sense to LOSE the whole ‘GROUND CONTACT’ thing!

 “Barrier protection will substantially increase the lifespan of any pole by protecting it from fungal & insect attack far more effectively than a preservative treatment alone can achieve while preventing preservatives from leaching into the environment.”
“Barrier protection increases longevity performance by 250%+”
Post Protector… the PERFECT complement to a pressure-treated post!
Retain the speed, simplicity, strength & affordability of a direct-burial post-foundation without decay-causing GROUND CONTACT!
A MUCH better approach for Pole Barns, Decks, Fences, Pergolas, Mailbox posts or any post foundation project!
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877- WON’T-ROT (966-8768)  **** www.postprotector.com

Post Protector for Decks, Pergolas, or any Post-Foundation Project

6x6 Deck Posts with Post Protector First State6x6 Deck Posts with Post Protector First State II6x6 Deck Posts with Post Protector First State I6x6 Deck Posts with Post Protector6x6 Deck Posts with Post Protector IPost Protector In-Ground Post Installation

Newark, DE: Pro Pics – First State Building & Design (FSBD) specializes in high quality, custom decks, pergolas, pool houses, outdoor kitchens, & all that is backyard beautification.

Post Protector is featured on all their post-foundations, providing a physical “barrier” separating the post from Soil and all the Decay Hazards that lie within.

“We made the switch from ‘pier & bracket’ 3 years ago and believe it to be a smarter approach for us & our customers. The ‘pier & bracket’ is a foundation method used to eliminate soil-to-post contact. The Post Protector foundation method completes that same task with a cost savings of $250 per post! In addition, we like the level of structural integrity achieved with our posts embedded 3 feet in the ground. When setting posts, many of our customers have commented that Post Protector is a “clever” or “innovative” product and we see how it quickly satisfies their post longevity concerns. Great product with great customer service.”

FSBD serves Delaware and Delaware & Chester Co, PA http://www.fsbd.co/ or call Joe Oakes, 302-898-5183 / 302-803-5082

Post Protector… the perfect complement to a pressure treated post!

Decks, Pergolas, Fences, Pole Barns, or any post-foundation project!


877-WON’T-ROT (966-8768) *** www.postprotector.com

Mailbox Post Decay; Replacement with Post Protector


Berks County, PA: Homeowner & DIY Guy, JC, happened to be looking out the window as a strong wind gust took out his decay ravaged mailbox post.

His home was built in 2005 making the post’s service life a little over 12 years. He sensibly replaced the post using Post Protector & was kind enough to send these pics.

“Decay is prevented if SOIL-FUNGI (not moisture) are excluded from post contact.” 
Dr. Albin Baecker, Wood Scientist

Retain the Simplicity, Speed, Strength, & Value of traditional Post-Foundation construction while eliminating the decay-causing, soil-to-wood contact!

Applications include Mailbox Posts, Pole Buildings, Decks, Fences, Pergolas, or any post-foundation project!

Weed-Eater proof, too!


877-WON’T-ROT (966-8768)       www.postprotector.com

Post Protector / Skirt-Board Protector: Decay Protection

Pole Barn with Post Protector and Skirt-Bord Protector

EVERYONE knows that “There’s Always Room for Improvement” & that it’s best to “Work Smarter, Not Harder,” right?

We can also agree that pressure-treated wood is good but, there’s no denying, it’s longevity performance is oh so MUCH BETTER when NOT in direct GROUND-CONTACT.

That said, Post Protector & Skirt-Board Protector represent the obvious ‘Next-Gen’ foundation system for this Value/Quality driven construction method.

The “Improvement” piece: NO decay-provoking Ground-Contact or Chemical Leaching!

The “Smarter” piece: NO decay-provoking Ground-Contact or Chemical Leaching achieved Simply & Affordably!

Most importantly & no surprise, the overwhelming majority of CONSUMERS investing in post frame, want this prudent foundation protection when given the option!

Wouldn’t you?


877- WON’T-ROT (966-8768)      www.postprotector.com

Top 10 Pole Barn Products

Rural Builder Mag Pic

Everybody knows that a wood-foundation in direct soil-contact is not the most favorable environment for maximum longevity.

The good news…we have an oh-so sensible solution!

Post Protector and Skirt-Board Protector.

Retain the simplicity, speed, strength, and VALUE of traditional pole building construction while eliminating all decay-causing soil-to-wood contact.


Applications for not only pole buildings, but decks, fences, pergolas, or any post-foundation project.

Pro-pic provided by the post frame experts at Delmarva Pole Buildings, Pole Building and Material Packages. Contact them directly by phone at (302) 698-3636 or on their website at www.ilovepolebuildings.com.

Questions? Contact Post Protector directly at (877)-WONT-ROT (966-8768) or visit www.postprotector.com.