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Post Protector / Grade Guard Post Decay Protection

Post Protector and Grade Guard Installed on 6x6 pressure treated postsPost Protector 30 inch Grade Guard Post Decay Protection DeckPost Protector 30 inch Grade Guard Post Decay Protection Pole BarnPost Protector 30 inch Grade Guard Post Decay Protection Cedar FencePost Protector and Grade Guard In-Ground Post Installation

I’ve noticed that everyone taking on a project, whether Pro or DIY, has their own building techniques and every project seems to require a unique approach.

To accommodate all this individuality, Post Protector offers (2) different products to eliminate ground contact and provide maximum post longevity performance.

Our original, and most popular, 60″ & 42″ ‘Post Protector’ provide a ‘physical barrier’ that encapsulates the entire post, has an integral post uplift protection feature & come with uplift protection hardware, minimizes chemical leaching, & provides weed-eater protection.

We also offer the 30″ ‘Grade Guard’ that takes an even simpler approach. Regardless of post embedment depth, be it 6′ on a pole barn project or 2 1/2′ on the a fence project, it’s positioned so 4″- 6″ is above grade/finished floor grade. Providing a ‘physical barrier’ that targets the most decay prone region of the post and provides weed-eater protection.

The good news, both are super effective & affordable, ridiculously simple-to-install, & beyond sensible.

Post Protector & Grade Guard… perfectly complement pressure treated or cedar posts.

Clearly, a MUCH better way to approach a deck, fence, pole barn, or ANY post-foundation project!

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