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Post Protector / Skirt-Board Protector: Decay Protection

Pole Barn with Post Protector and Skirt-Bord Protector

EVERYONE knows that “There’s Always Room for Improvement” & that it’s best to “Work Smarter, Not Harder,” right?

We can also agree that pressure-treated wood is good but, there’s no denying, it’s longevity performance is oh so MUCH BETTER when NOT in direct GROUND-CONTACT.

That said, Post Protector & Skirt-Board Protector represent the obvious ‘Next-Gen’ foundation system for this Value/Quality driven construction method.

The “Improvement” piece: NO decay-provoking Ground-Contact or Chemical Leaching!

The “Smarter” piece: NO decay-provoking Ground-Contact or Chemical Leaching achieved Simply & Affordably!

Most importantly & no surprise, the overwhelming majority of CONSUMERS investing in post frame, want this prudent foundation protection when given the option!

Wouldn’t you?


877- WON’T-ROT (966-8768)      www.postprotector.com

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Everybody knows that a wood-foundation in direct soil-contact is not the most favorable environment for maximum longevity.

The good news…we have an oh-so sensible solution!

Post Protector and Skirt-Board Protector.

Retain the simplicity, speed, strength, and VALUE of traditional pole building construction while eliminating all decay-causing soil-to-wood contact.


Applications for not only pole buildings, but decks, fences, pergolas, or any post-foundation project.

Pro-pic provided by the post frame experts at Delmarva Pole Buildings, Pole Building and Material Packages. Contact them directly by phone at (302) 698-3636 or on their website at www.ilovepolebuildings.com.

Questions? Contact Post Protector directly at (877)-WONT-ROT (966-8768) or visit www.postprotector.com.